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October 12, 2008


guinness - drums

guinness - fridge magnet

i just love these spots. acutally i love most of the guinness commercials. as for the slogan used, i wonder if this is one of their best. alive inside? well, it seems to be. but wasn't the 'good things come for those who wait' appropiate also for the brand? wasn't it saying more about guinness? i am not sure. it's a different approach, a new perspective. but i can tell something for sure: i replayed the last one twice, as i just like to see the people' faces riding the fridge. :)

theory says that, on the whole, a slogan should be:
- memorable
- include key benefit
- differentiate the brand
(also the technique has also been used by Coca-Cola)
- recall the brand name
- impart positive feelings about the brand
- not be easy to use or potentially usable by a competitor
(which by the way, 'alive inside' is kind of in this position)

the article how ad slogans work tells more about slogans. i extracted these things only, as it's funny how one word, so important in advertising, a word so consumer mind connected has so many name alternatives.

Slogan nomenclature varies from place to place. In many parts of the world, and generically, they are "slogans." In the USA, they are tags, tag lines, or taglines. In the UK, they are end lines, endlines, or straplines. Germany prefers claims, while France uses signatures. In the Netherlands, they are pay-offs or payoffs. To the unimaginative, they are rip-offs or ripoffs. And at ADSlogans Unlimited, we call them slogos (the slogan by the logo).


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