take your time

August 12, 2008


sometimes it comes a moment, when you feel you want to start over. you wanna do new things, meet new people, be assigned new jobs. there comes a definite and precise time when you rethink all the principles and consider the values. you make a statement. you look into the future.
i don't want to start over. i just want to continue in a better way. in the best place possible, with the appropiate people.
i don't want necessarrily yo dfo new things. i want to do the old stuff in a new way. see the different perspective. make it happen in a new shape with a different form.
it feels like it's time to demonstrate something. to make a change.
i need to make time a friend and ideas my buddies.
turn something upside down if possible in order to take a leap. shake a little bit or a little bit more just to get there. where i can do the job i am good at. and be better than that. there is always room for much more and much better.
can i have that room now, please?
'cause it feels like it's now or never. 'cause determination has never been so into its place.
there is a puzzle though, where the ingenious ones win. i just have to make it happen. get it done.
time is now.

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