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August 12, 2008

vitamin water concept store

i discovered a new interesting, good-looking, concept store in london. unfortunately, over the internet only.
a Vitamin Water shop, on Little Portland Street in London.

In May 2008 the vitaminwater 'pop up' store opened to the public as part of the launch of vitaminwater in the UK. Attracted by the store's bright lights which change six times an hour to showcase each one of the six new products and promote the message of 24 Hour Hydration, the store has been kept busy with new customers sampling the product range.

As well as featuring product the store also includes a 'thoughts wall' which allows visitors to record their initial thoughts after trying the new product.The store accommodates brand inductions, training, interviews and meetings, as well as the customer brand experience. The store's location is great in creating a hub for media and sampling activity all over London.

well, i also think it's great. i just love these stores. don't know if they make me turn into a constant buyer, but they surely make me curious to try. and again, it's about the attitude, the feeling about the brand when entering such a store.

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