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February 15, 2008

makemylogobigger SPECIAL cream

makemylogobigger cream is any client' perfect cream. for all skin types, any time of the day, to be used for each product or material.

"improves brand recognition
grab's customers' attention
works in just minutes
goes on smooth"

+ maximum strength + easy to apply.

if you want to stick more of your head out there, you should pe prepared!!! you must be seen, not pass as boring, flat, dry, uninspiring, unexciting, uninteresting, unattractive, unpromising.

bonus: makemylogobigger cream comes with the white space eliminator bottle, a starburst dust, the fluorescentsizer and the emotionator cream in order to make sure you attract everybody. special offer! order now on www.whoneedsdesigners.com

result: no white / lost / unpaid / not-any-not-taken-advantage space, no tiny logos ... no transparency or clarity.
NOT a joke. it's for real. it could happen, but do not try this at home!

it might hurt your ego.

ps: for more information, pass over the so-called cream and look inside the agency.

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