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February 15, 2008

interactive communication

this is how unconventional media is perfectly used.

Dulcolax- Germany's favorite laxative
Agency: Euro RSCG, Duesseldorf
Creative Directors: Felix Glauner, Harald Wittig, Martin Breuer
Copywriter: Kajo Titus Strauch
Art Director: Ingmar Krannich

Reason why: "The tone of voice had to be self confident, but more popular and entertaining than pharmaceutical. We set up the Dulcolax Toilet Roll in front of selected pharmacies in North Rhine Westphalia (Germany). Directly at the point of purchase, to create buzz.”

"This is how it feels, Ford Ranger."

"The project's purpose was to allow drivers to experience the Ford pickup's attribute of softness on hostile surfaces. In order to achieve this, several floor graphics were imprinted with cracks, snow and/or mud in various city streets. Next to them,a road signal that read <"Asi se siente Ford Ranger"> was placed. Drivers drove through a difficult road without feeling it; situation that led them to experience the unique softness of riding in the Ford pickup".

Advertising Agency: JWT Santiago, Chile

Creative Directors: Matias Lecaros, Sergio Rosati

Art Director: Matias Lecaros, Sergio Rosati

Copywriter: Matias Lecaros

Illustrator: Ricardo Salamanca

Photographer: José Claro

Released: December 2006

and here is how you can advert a sales promotion. of a clothing store. don't know the agency or the store. maybe i will find out. but, definitely, the zebra crossing is a product code. :)

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Anonymous said...

Asa e si-n bucuresti si-n constntza .... s-au importat ideile ... de exemplu in dristor fac reclama la "policolor"