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March 13, 2009

what an encounter!

what a great commercial for coca-cola.

coca-cola encounter

the ad comes within the new coca cola campaign, open happiness and it's quite a mother-f***ing emotional ad. i like it.

the idea:
102 year old Josep Mescaro travels from the island of Mallorca into Madrid to meet 19 hours old Aitana Martinez, with advice on living, being happy, and facing challenges. just great. and simple and delightful to hear and watch.

Coca-Cola Spain crosses generational boundaries in “Encounter”, a campaign connecting a centenarian and a newborn child. “Encuentro” is online at www.destapalafelicidad.es, a real life story evoking reflections on happiness throughout life from members of the public.
via inspiration room

all these people made this possible:

McCann Erickson, Madrid, creative director Leandro Raposo, creatives Raquel Martinez and Monica Moro, agency producer Luis Felipe Moreno.

Filming was shot by director Andy Fogwill via Landia, Buenos Aires, with director of photography Misca Lluch, executive producer Ivo van Vollenhoven and producer Assaf Eldar.

Post production was done at Molinare. Editor was Jose Serra.

well, thank you, then. for quite a tv ad. quite an insight and quite a story.

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