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November 21, 2008

next week, busy week

never before have i had the feeling that the things that are coming, are coming down on me so quickly, so differently, so much. they are the best things, but so many.
from today on, till around 10 of december, i could say i am kind of trapped in stuff. and again, time, pointless to add, is no friend of mine.
i'll check up things, go to many concerts, no more or less than 5 days in a row, go places, some of them i have never seen, some i just love to return to, do things i've never done so far and others i will be glad to experience again.
it's one of those moments when you are so booked up, that it makes you feel so important.
i am so looking forward to these things.
details some time soon, when they start to shape up. :)

in the mean time, let me mention the great evening i just had at idelier concept store, where lola put up this wonderful exposition of beads. strings and beads :) better go there and check these things up, 'cause there are just something else.

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