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April 29, 2010

Cannes Lions - The 7-day creative picnic

We had Christmas in December and Easter in April. We had the Mother’s Day in March and Halloween in October. We had St. Valentine’s in February and the Labor Day on May 1st. Each celebration has, more or less, its own time.

In June, we have Cannes Lions. Everybody knows it. The international advertising schedule is set, based on the one week in June where awards come as takeaway fresh products, the red carpet is everybody’s blanket and the entire gathering is a picnic blast. Only instead of the green grass, we have the sandy beach on the French Riviera.
Isn’t this a treat you want to be a part of? 7 days of creative burst, pure joy and international recognition of grand ideas. The most exciting week of the year. You can say anything about this one week, but nothing related to boredom.

Choose a seminar, choose a workshop, take a look at the screenings, socialize in Spanish, English, German, French or whatever language you prefer, check the Act Responsible exhibition, check the stands, the magazines, go back for one more seminar or another half hour of screenings, invite Erik Vervroegen to a dish of moules marinieres nearby, take a photo with Droga and then do some more. Not to mention the festival surprises you can only see on the spot. You may have never been or felt so alive. You may have never felt that time is not to be spared.

In its 57th year, Cannes Lions is ready, once again, to shake the grounds of advertising:
- 48 seminars
- 16 workshops
- daily master classes on the Young Lions zone
- daily screenings and exhibitions
Win Wenders, Spike Jones, David Droga, Hermann Vaske, Sir Martin Sorrell, Nick Law, Jeff Godby, Bob Greenberg among the top speakers
- The Cannes Creative Leaders Programme
- and many more surprises, all of them in 7 days only

Join the picnic and make this one week in June as creative as possible!

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