take your time

October 1, 2009

primul post cu barbati

in lista de fine men, pe langa ryan gosling, jason lee si clive owen, l-am adaugat mai nou pe gerard butler. mda. for the looks, for the voices, for the attitude. iap.

lovely ryan in the notebook.
funny jason in my name is earl. and in eveything else he does.

clive owen, just perfect in every movie. not to mention the bmw ads.

as for gerard butler, well. after seeing him in rock'n'rolla and 300, i may go and see him in the ugly truth as well. just to see how he handles comedy. because the looks doesn't dissapoint. :)

now back to work. :)


corina de la manzicii said...

the ugly truth ti-l recomand cu drag! e prima comedie la care m-am uitat in ultimii ani si.... m-am umflat de ras, floricele si cola!

ana si maria said...

daaa, l-am si vazut aseara. intr-adevar la unele faze radeam cu lacrimi.
iar gerard butler, da, nu m-a dezamgit. :)
e bun si in comedii.
desi cred ca tot imaginea de tough guy ii vine mai bine.