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May 12, 2009

order of merit - global academic challenge

there was this day, last week, when a very nice thing happened to me.
i received this award. this nice diploma saying order of merit.

i guess that means we did it in a way. we didn't get an award at the marketing academic competition, but we received this. and it is as much rewarding as any prize.
we competed last year, we had this brief and took a shoot.
to come up with something to try and change the climate change.
our campaign was called escu's. part of the actions we were to take up are detailed on this blog: climatescu.blogspot.com. which is as fun, as moralizing. we think.

anyway, it is motivating to have some kind of confirmation of your work. especially when it comes from new york.
the winners are here.
it seems the winning campaign was a great one. i would have liked indeed to see it somehow.

so, this call for a meeting to celebrate, some time, between us girls.
congratulations to us all and maybe next time, we'll do even better work.

actually, when you go to a great school, such as The Alternative School for Creative Thinking, you always want to do your best and take advantage of everything you've learned.

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