take your time

April 4, 2009

my name is earl

with all the projects, 'homeworks', briefs, classes, with all the stress and the tiredness and the drama or the headaches, i find myself time to indulge in this: my name is earl. it's fun. and motivating to watch. how to right all the wrongs. first season, for now. but i feel like i may need to catch up soon.


Alina Popescu said...

Funny how no matter what we're all still able to indulge in simple pleasures: a movie, a book, a walk. It makes me think the world might not be as crazy busy as I've imagined.

ana si maria said...

hey, good to hear from you.
and damn right about the simple pleasures. always make time for them as much as not to become crazy about work. :)

ps: si poate ne facem timp si de-o intalnire face to face. :P