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February 7, 2009

breathless in madrid

madrid is rather shiny, which is great and surprising as the weather cast was not so good. madrid is crowded, as always, it is green and colorful and preparing for valentine´s day. regardless of the american function and meaning of the day, the preparations are fun, the graphics are interesting, the special gifts are quite nice. shops are opened sunday also, which was not the case a year and so ago and the strawberries are cheap. :) i drank cafe machado (very little coffee and a great amount of milk) for the last 3 days each morning and lined up to the spanish custom. it is fun and pleasant to bring back old memories. it´s like home, really.
the wedding was interesting, between the romania guy and the peru girl, as they say. :) the food was different, the music was mixed up. not to mention the people. but always nice to experiment these things. i am waiting for a greek wedding some time in this life.

nb: breathless as in walking too much and try to get a bite of everything. :)

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