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December 7, 2008

not good

not good at all.
too disappointed to write much. things have happened, we didn't win the young creatives competition (a swedish team did, actually), i got lost somewhere in translation, i feel the few hours slept like a slap on my face each morning, i got the worst bad luck lately, i was nearly to getting robbed again, i had a flight cancelled and slept in a transfer hotel in warsaw, with no intention whatsoever of being there, i missed other flight, i paid a lot of money for tickets of any kind, i had other problems not worth to be mentioned.
at least, i am in madrid now and i feel like home. visiting old places i have seen so many times and enjoyed all the same, doing my job here, hoping perfectly and doing some shopping as well, which helps the spirit stay alive.
good thing i bought great sweets from madrid.

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