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August 24, 2008

A to B

well, it really is a tough road to take.
oh, sometimes an advertising campaign can be so exhausting.
it sucks up all your energy.
at the end of the day, your brain seems to be squeezed out of anything. and yet you still need to operate some kind of brain wash, in order to start over. to have new ideas prepared and ready to make new connections.
why people consume x instead of y?
when do they consume?
how can you make them change their minds or convince them to stay on the same track?
why choose one thing over another?
how consumer's mind work?
what are the preferencial patterns?
i am one of those who tries things out of curiousity. and this doesn't last. you can't be curious more than once about one thing. unless it reinvents itself over and over.
ah, consumers minds work in misterious ways.
i may be just rambling, but it was a hell of a brainstormy day for us.
so i am entitled to. :)

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