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March 18, 2008

Philippe Starck BaObab Desk

we heard philippe starck speaking in a video presentation at orange concept store last week.
man, he can really talk!

besides doing all the great stuff.

among all the buildings, furnitures, pieces of ideas turned out into something, i discovered my perfect item.
a one piece body: the Baobab desk
the colour is perfect as well. :)

"BaObab, the new desk by Philippe Starck, offers cable management and some storage, but it is primarily a sculptural element, which embraces the user, protects her or him, supports the work in a fresh way, and provides the office with a happy accent.

It is made of a one piece body and an additional writing surface. It is an exciting solution for new companies, shops, home offices and established corporations feeling the need for a rejuvenator."

i agree.

check out more.

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