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December 3, 2007

exercitiu creativ

am hotarat ca o data pe zi sau cel putin atunci cand imi aduc aminte sau am chef, sa fac cate un exercitiu creativ. adica sa scriu pur si simplu, la intamplare, tot ce imi trece prin minte, pret de cateva minute.
si-am plecat:

we’re doing ok, because we are smart. And life is hard. But we must not worry, cause tomorrow will be better. Why is that. Cause I’am taking photos. And the camera is nice. Nice is like fun, sensitive, luxurious, good looking. I can’t write that fast at the moment. don’t know. Cause I’m not that happy. But it will. I listen to music. Romanian songs. on my mp3 player. It is down. Volume down, that is. And the office is empty. And my skin is no longer tanned. Good bye, summer. Let’s go to the mountains. I feel like skiing. Alone? With a bunch of people? We have still the time to decide. Want to eat an ice-cream. Couldn’t I just make a settlement or something with the people who produce nirvana to make a deal, to receive ice-cream for free? I could help them with the advertising. And promote the product. It’s good. Praline nirvana. Yeah. My mp3 is kinda ugly. But cannot afford an ipod. Although it does the same thing. The music is good on each one of them. A colleague entered the room. I must go. Noi stam la mansarda. Couldn’t say that an English at the moment. I see the blue sky. I would like to go out. But it’s so damn cold. In my house is quite warm. I like watching movies at home. Old movies sometimes. Am o pofta nebuna de cozonac. Can’t wait for the holidays. We’ll sleep in the living room then. Pentru ca acolo este bradul. si instalatia cu luminite. It’s quite nice. If I was your girlfriend? What song is that? Can’t remember. Sometimes I remember only the stupid parts, the stupid songs on the radio. In the car is so cold sometimes. And the traffic. I don’t want to break the rules anymore. That’s it. Please stop me, I have to go downstairs to check something. We’re making a tv commercial. Hope to go out ok. FMCG. That’s it. Just let the music play. And go as far away as possible.

acum ca stau mai bine sa ma gandesc, oare se poate considera un exercitiu creativ sa scrii negru pe alb tot ceea ce-ti trece prin minte? chiar daca scrii, fara sa te gandesti neaparat la o inlatuire logica...toate gandurile that come to mind la momentul respectiv? ca nu e vorba de imaginatie, pana la urma. sunt doar niste ganduri. dar care puse cap la cap, fara o noima uneori, dau o alta senzatie.

apoi, am scris in engleza. nu stiu de ce. asa mi-a venit. ca doar asa am convenit. sa scriu ce-mi vine pe moment.

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