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November 15, 2007

U2 / Wave of Sorrow

just got an email from ilike.
doesn't matter what is it about.
it just sent me to this this video. U2's Wave of Sorrow.
"a track that U2 demoed during sessions for The Joshua Tree in 1987. Just recently Bono laid down vocals for the song and it will be released for the first time next week on the remastered release of The Joshua Tree. "
bonus, personal message from Bono. and interpretation within interpretation.
if i may say so.
don't know why, but after that, i made a connection with rihanna's 'don't stop the music'. strange, strange combination.
it's not the rhythm or the message of her song (although they put it on the radio most of the time...and I also like the fact that she claps a lot - I like songs where you can hear/see people clapping hands - the sound is more powerful). but the idea of not having some songs or videos extended to not having music in general - made me think about a lot of things. among others, of how important are some messages and how well are they told through music.
music can reach people's hearts like nothing else and without people having met each other before. it's generally tested!
so please, never stop the music.
well done and congrats, bono, for everything you give...through music.
Joshua Tree and all!!!

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